NCO Awards & Accolades: Students

NCO Awards & Accolades: Students

Next 15 Rank Holders: Rs. 1000 each

SLE Grade Toppers (Top three) in each school will be awarded Medals.

For Rank 1

For Rank 2

For Rank 3

  • SLE Grade Topper Medals are awarded, if minimum 20 students participate from a grade.
  • SLE Grade Toppers must secure 75 percentile or above to qualify for Medals.
All students securing more than 75 percentile in the SLE test will get "Certificate of Excellence". All others will get a "Certificate of Participation".

NCO Awards & Accolades: Schools

  • Creative School Award will be given to one of the participating Schools on the basis of maximum number of Students in the top 10 percentile from the School. Cash Prize of Rs. 25000/- will be given to the winning school.




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