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National Creativity Olympiad

EduExcellence National Creativity Olympiad LogoWe believe that every child is born talented, that every child is creative and that every child is an achiever. That our education processes often fail to identify the child’s talent, leave alone nurture it is a failure of the system and not the child. This is perhaps due to the obsession of the educational system with linguistic and analytical abilities and a assessment process that often seems to label children with rote memories as intelligent and others as not. More..

Why National Creativity Olympiad

We believe that the purpose of assessment is to motivate a child and not to discourage them is to identify strengths not weakness and suggest remedial action not denial. We believe that achievement motivation and creativity are key drivers of success and we believe that there is little correlation between the performance of a child in cogent disciplines and success in life.

This Olympiad is designed to assess a child’s creative abilities and his/her achievement motivation. We believe that this Olympiad will unearth hidden talents and encourage children who may have felt discouraged, to participate in the learning process more willingly and meaningfully with a renewed sense of self-belief and self-confidence. This assessment would naturally lead to the child’s inclination to improve upon the same and search for resources in that direction. Given an appropriate environment this will lead to enhanced creativity and achievement motivation. More..



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